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We thank you for taking the time to read through our FREE Trial info pac. In today’s economic climate, being able to see a positive result regardless if the market RISES or FALLS, is the leading reason why the Markets And YOU trading system is one of the fastest growing online trading methods in the world to date.

This document will provide you with a quick synopsis which summarises ur Free Tial, the Global Index Trading Market and the MTP Platform. We include unique features, points of difference to traditional stock market trading strategies and the major benefits of utilising our great Index trading system $ tools.

How Does The Trial Work?

Our free trial is 100% risk free, meaning no credit cards, no contracts, no worries.

After setting up your account (which is done in minutes) for the next 3 days you will have our elite market analysis team send you real time trading opportunities on the Global Market Stock Exchange. Yours trades will be sent to your portal and placed for you VIA our MTP trading Platform, you will have almost complete access to all functions and can track your progress during the trial.

During your trial you will have complete access to our customer support, after your trial is complete you will be contacted by one of our trading specialist to discuss your trading account and opportunities using the MTP service.

About Markets And YOU & MTP

MTP is the World's No.1 Trading Platform and Alert Provider.

MTP specialises in the field of developing investment trading systems and targets new and ground breaking investment opportunities. MTP’s mainstay of business is providing innovative financial and investment solutions to the general public. MTP’s trading platform is designed to enable you, our client, to leverage your time better, whilst having the ability to generate great ongoing, consistent returns from your account.

The MTP Platform service is provided by The Australian Division of Markets And You, established and trading in early 2010 with the Global Markets And You Division’s founded in Stuttgart, Germany since the late 1990s.

Why Choose MTP Trading Platform ?

Find below some examples of the monthly returns from 3 randomly selected months throughout the past 5 years including; number of trades, successful, unsuccessful, win percentage, total amount invested and amount gained each month.

Month Trades Successful Unsuccessful Win % Started At Closed At Profit
One 56 46 10 82% $1,000.00 $2,917.49 $1,917.49
Two 41 34 7 83% $2,000.00 $4,306.55 $2,306.55
Three 17 15 2 88% $3,000.00 $6,854.39 $3,854.39

Please note that the past performance of the platform and results achieved are no assurance of future performance of the same.

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Alternatively you can contact a trading consultant if you have any questions.

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We are confident that you will be very satisfied with the services that we provide and find this trading platform, both, easy to use and potentially very profitable. Rest assured, our mainfocus is to provide you with reliable index trading alerts while supporting you in producing long-lasting results and helping you generate great, ongoing returns on your investment.

This is the simplest, safest, most proven, effective and profitabable Index trading platform ever offered to the general public.

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